Recovery Friendly Congregations

Recovery Informed Congregations

The answers are in the Church!

Tier I: Introduce interested members of your congregation to basic knowledge about addiction and recovery in this friendly, easy-to-digest four-hour course.

This course helps you understand the following:

  • Basic Brain Science of Substance Use Disorder
  • Behaviors & Behavior Change
  • Return to Use

Tier II is an opportunity for you to personally connect with inspiring CHOICES leaders and uncover the resources and services your community offers, both Christian and secular.
Or, Ron Bodendorf will take your team on a journey to experience first-hand the incredible impact of spreading the Lord's word within impacted communities.

This training course will empower you to understand better how to support and uplift your congregation actively.

Participating in Tier II will empower you to make a positive change in the world and contribute to a brighter future. So, let's embark on this journey of growth, connection, and inspiration together!

Tier III Join your hosts in a new journey as they impart integral knowledge in a five-day training program designed to help you make a difference in individuals struggling with substance use disorder.
This training offers a unique opportunity for you to understand the powerful relationship between recovery coaching and Christianity. No prerequisite is needed, just your willingness to learn and grow.

By attending this training, you'll be better equipped in assisting those seeking help, empowering them to support their families, and ultimately make a lasting difference in their lives.

Sign up now and let this be the start of your meaningful story

Each tier is delivered separately. To have a no obligation conversation please contact us today!

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